We Support Eric Early

“We believe Eric Early is the strong, principled leader California needs in the U.S. Senate. His stance on key issues, including reducing government overreach, cutting wasteful spending, and fostering an environment that encourages innovation and economic growth, resonates strongly with our members. We are confident that Eric Early will be a strong advocate for conservative values and policies that will benefit both California and our nation.”

“The Far-Left ‘Progressives’ in D.C. have put our country on a path towards destruction. Our southern border is wide open, criminals are treated better than our law-abiding citizens, Communist China has infiltrated the highest levels of our government and our schools in myriad ways, and Joe Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar bill packages created the inflation that is crushing Americans. Eric Early will fight back against these destructive policies and join President Trump to put America First.”

“California is at a crossroads. Skyrocketing crime and homelessness coupled with massive affordability issues have made our state nearly unlivable. The SFGOP has endorsed a new voice and new leader to blaze a new trail towards a safer, more prosperous California. The San Francisco Republican Party endorses Eric Early for US Senate.”

“Communist China remains the top global threat to our nation’s freedoms, and there isn’t a more staunch China hawk in this race than Eric Early. Eric is the only candidate in this race who will stand up to the Chinese Communist Party to tackle their growing influence, both at home and abroad, and stop the invasion of dangerous Chinese fentanyl at our southern border.”

“America is under attack. Many millions of people have illegally crossed the southern border since President Biden took office, and Democrats like Adam Schiff and Katie Porter have done nothing to stop it. We need Eric Early in the US Senate in order to defend our border and our nation. Eric will prioritize border security and give border patrol agents the resources they need to secure our border.”

“Washington is broken. We need a businessman like Eric Early to fix it. As a successful business owner and attorney, Eric knows how to balance a budget and prioritize expenditures – something nobody else in the race has real business experience doing. As our next US Senator, Eric will fight to reduce the national debt and get our spending back under control. The Yolo County Republican Party is proud to support his campaign.”

“The Biden Administration and their Congressional comrades have long ignored the crisis taking place at our southern border. As our next US Senator, Eric Early will work to secure our border with Mexico, and fight to give our Customs and Border Patrol Agents the resources they need to stop the free flow of Fentanyl into our communities.”

“Eric understands the threat that China poses and the need to bring critical manufacturing including drugs and high tech back to the U.S. More than that, he understands the devastating impact that high fuel prices have on Sutter County’s farmers, truckers and food processors. He sees the problems with public education, crime and homelessness. Eric offers the hope that comes from knowing that liberty, limited government and free market capitalism fostered the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that built the largest and strongest middle class in the world. We are proud to support Eric Early for US Senate.”

“People are living in fear of skyrocketing crime across California. Yet the three progressive Democrats running for US Senate continue to push for pro-criminal policies that put us in even more danger. As our next US Senator, Eric Early will stand up for our police and fight for common sense policies that make our neighborhoods safer.”

“Eric is principled conservative Republican – which is becoming a rare breed in California and which has led to decades of Republican statewide failure. Eric understands the magnitude of the perils facing our state and our nation. He has the background, strength and warrior mentality to fight for all of us. Eric isn’t a career politician – he’s a successful attorney and businessman, and will fight to get our country and state back on track. We are proud to endorse his candidacy for US Senate.”

“Eric is the voice of California’s grassroots Republicans. He received the unanimous support of our county party because of his strong stances on border security, parental rights, Communist China and the rule of law. As a staunch supporter of President Trump, Eric will fight for common sense policies that make America great again, and we are proud to endorse him for US Senate.

“Skyrocketing inflation and national debt are crushing everyday Californians. Eric is the conservative Republican candidate in the US Senate race who will go to Washington and fight for common sense solutions to these problems. As a successful business owner and attorney who loves our country, Eric has what it takes to help restore the United States’ greatness and fight back against the far-left Democrats taking down our nation.”

“I have known Eric Early for many years and strongly endorse him to be California’s next US Senator. With skyrocketing crime, open borders, teachers being forced to keep parents in the dark, homelessness and inflation plaguing California, it’s clear that we need an outsider to shake up the status quo and fight for real solutions. As a successful businessman and attorney, Eric knows how to get things done and is the person we need representing us in the US Senate.”

“Homelessness and crime in California continues to skyrocket. You can’t walk down a street in San Francisco without fear of getting accosted, and you can’t park your car without worrying about a window being broken and items being stolen,” said Joan Leone, President of the Republican Club of San Francisco. “Elected Democrats in Sacramento and DC have turned a blind eye to the rise in crime and homelessness in our cities. They treat criminals better than the law abiding and the victims of crime. It is past time for anew, strong, unwavering voice for the people in California. California needs Eric Early in the US Senate.”

“Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee have been in Congress for more than 50 years combined. Over the course of their America-undermining Congressional careers, things in California have gotten much worse,” said Early. “Violent crime is up, property crimes are through the roof and California is home to 30% of our nation’s homeless. Schiff, Porter and Lee have failed California, and they have failed San Francisco. I am honored to be endorsed by the Republican Club of San Francisco, and will fight to restore all of our once-great California cities to their former glory.”

“The Sonoma County Republican Party proudly endorses Eric Early for U.S. Senate. As a small business owner and successful attorney, Eric understands how to create and keep jobs,” said Matt Heath, Chair of the Sonoma County Republican Party. “In the Senate, Eric will be a strong voice for job creators and work with his colleagues in the Senate to fix the damage done to our economy under Bidenomics.”

“Bidenomics has failed California’s middle class,” said Early. “President Biden’s economic legacy will be trillions of dollars in wasted spending, causing historically-high inflation and interest rates wreaking havoc on household budgets all across our country. I am the only successful business owner in this race with first hand experience working with and employing great Californians in the face of these daily financial struggles.  I will bring my experience to DC and be involved in the turnaround of our economy. I am grateful to receive the Sonoma County Republican Party’s important endorsement.”

“California and our nation are at a crossroads. Patriots who love our country and revere our Constitution face a growing threat from a government pushing a far-left domestic insurgency, while at the same time condemning conservative Americans who love our nation, all of it being enabled by a compliant media. Eric Early understands these threats to everything America stands for and will continue his fight for our great country and our people as California’s next U.S. Senator,” said Jacqueline Lincoln, Chair of the Butte County Republican Party.

“America is the last best hope for mankind on earth. We are in a battle against domestic forces intent on taking us to a Marxist future. California’s Democrat-controlled super majority government is the tip of the far-left spear. I will continue fighting in the U.S. Senate for all Americans who love our country, against this existential threat,” said Early.  “I am honored to have the Butte County Republican Party’s important endorsement.”

I believe that our members recognize that the Republican Party needs a strong candidate to stand up to the progressive forces of the Democrat Party in November, and the fact that so many of them support the endorsement of Eric Early clearly says that he is the best candidate to do that,” said John Andersen, Chairman of the Ventura County Republican Party.

“Eric is the Republican best positioned to beat Adam Schiff, Katie Porter and Barbara Lee,” he continued.

“Our members appreciated hearing Eric’s unwavering commitment to the conservative principles which have made our country great and I am proud to say that the Ventura County Republican Party encourages all voters to support Eric Early for United States Senate,” he concluded.

Orrin Heatlie
Lead Proponent of Recall Gavin Newsom; Yolo County Sheriff’s Sergeant (Ret.)

Sutter County Republican Party

Andrea Seastrand
Former U.S. Congresswoman

California Republican Assembly
“The Conscience of the Republican Party” – President Ronald Reagan

Mike Netter
Co-Main Proponent of Recall Gavin Newsom

California Rifle & Pistol Association