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Husband. Father. Attorney. Businessman.
Not a politician.

“People of all races and political backgrounds know that things have gone too far. Together with courage, strength, bravery, love of God, family and country, we can help bring our nation back from the brink. We cannot trust the same career politicians who put us in this mess to get us out of it. It’s time for new leadership and new ideas.”

The career politicians in DC have brought us a world of hurt.  Have your lives gotten better or worse over the past four years?  Why on earth would you believe another word they say? They have failed us all.

Fighting for the forgotten Americans. America’s middle class is being decimated.

  • Skyrocketing gas, food, utility, rent, mortgage prices.
  • Fentanyl free flowing across an open border killing tens of thousands of Americans.
  • Parents being shut-out of their kids’ educations.
  • Crime skyrocketing.
  • Communist China on the march.
  • Far-left infiltration of our government institutions.
  • World War III brewing in Eastern Europe.

Had enough yet?

We need a fighter who will take these issues on with the ferocity and focus California deserves.

As our next US Senator, Eric will stand-up for all of those who have been left behind by the progressive, woke DC politicians and their misguided priorities. Eric will bring to government his 30 years of success as an attorney and experience running a nationally recognized law firm.


  • Is against the spending of trillions that has fueled the inflation crippling Americans.
  • Supports strengthening our borders and harsher penalties for Fentanyl traffickers.
  • Supports the Parents’ Bill of Rights.
  • Supports giving cops what they need to protect us all.
  • Believes Communist China must be treated as an enemy of our nation.
  • Supports efforts to end Russian aggression in Ukraine and bring peace back to Europe