The Eric Early Report – Episode 3 – (a) Newsom, Garcetti and the Ongoing California Lockup, and (b) The Demented Schiff

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Eric Early appeared on CRN Digital Talk Radio on May 2, 2020 to discuss issues from "the belly of the beast" in Los Angeles, California. On this episode, Eric opens with three simple words "we the people" and how governments of states have taken the power away from the people during COVID-19. Eric continued to describe how the "Napoleon" of California, Gavin Newsom thinks he is a king and keeping people from living their lives. Eric Early voiced his support for the protestors and how a Republican governor or mayor would have already started an economic rollout. In addition, Eric expressed his frustration with the courts with the injunctions he is filing even though they are sticking up for the people and have legal bounds.

Eric Early is fearless in his mission to expose the underbelly of the beast. For 25 years, Eric has fought in the courts to help people stay in their homes and help job creators, businesses and innovators succeed and stay in California while building his own successful law firm. Eric was a candidate in 2018 for California Attorney General against Xavier Becerra, receiving almost one million votes as a first-time candidate.