Rebuilding From the Destruction of Covid-19

Our District, like the rest of the nation, has been hobbled by COVID-19.  Businesses have collapsed or on the verge of collapse.  Those who fought, toiled and struggled for years to build small businesses -- places of employment for so many -- have been brought to their knees by the virus, and our state’s overblown lockup in response to the virus.  Thousands are out of work.  Safety nets are gone. Whatever jobs exist are almost impossible to find.  We need a Congressman who has the will, desire, talent, skills and drive to help rebuild the District from the ashes of COVID-19.

"Sorry we're closed" door sign board on shop window

For the past 20 years, my opponent has been virtually non-existent from the District.  He has effectively abandoned us.  And for the past 3 years he has focused full time on removing a President from office.  In any event, he completely lacks what it takes to help with the rebirth of our District.

For more than two decades, I have worked with, advised and represented businesses big and small.  I have represented and advised lenders, banks, title insurance companies, real estate developers, workers, employees, independent contractors, freelancers and people from all walks of life.

When I get elected, I will roll up my sleeves, get to work, meet with all stakeholders involved in helping with the rebirth of our District, as well as with officials of the Federal Government, to make our District better and stronger than ever before.

I am the only person in the race who remotely has what it takes to do this.  My opponent completely lacks the experience, the tools, the will, the desire, the ability, and the skill level to do any of it.

Stopping the Endless Regulations and Taxes

As a business owner who signs the front of the checks of many people every two weeks, I want to stop the endless overregulation of our businesses. I believe in small government and want government out of our lives as much as possible. Our president has delivered on cutting taxes and regulations and the results are overwhelmingly positive and evident across the country. Under his leadership, we have enjoyed a record reduction in business-strangling regulations. Meanwhile, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was a good start, but Californians still need major tax relief. When I get to Congress, I will do whatever I can to stop the constant tax increases on our citizens and to rollback overregulation of our businesses.

Protecting Freelancers, Independent Contractors and Gig Workers

My opponent’s deception never ends. He acts like he supports our District’s many freelancers, independent contractors and gig workers – all of whom are having their livelihoods and ways of life decimated by state law AB-5 which was dropped on us by Sacramento’s Democrat Super-Majority. Unbeknownst to many in the District, my opponent is a co-sponsor of a federal version of AB-5 now pending in Congress. If it passes, independent contractors would be banned nationwide. I support small government. AB-5 is a classic example of big government overreach swooping down and destroying people.

American Trucker Proud

Before becoming an attorney many years ago, I worked as a freelancer and an independent contractor, including producing short films, editing documentaries, writing episodes of the “GI Joe” and “Jem and the Holograms” animated series, and producing trailers for King of the B-movies Roger Corman. Those jobs were freelance jobs. Without the ability to work as an independent contractor, I never could have done those jobs.

When I get to Washington, D.C., I will do whatever I can to prevent the federal version of AB-5 from becoming law, and I will support everyone here in California working to repeal AB-5.

And for the time being, we need to get help from the government for those independent contractors who also were partially paid as W-2 employees. That was the life I lived for several years: 1099 and W-2,  I know it well, and the Federal CARES Act currently prevents those workers from any of the help being made available to so many others suffering nationwide.

Making Public Safety a Priority

I believe in the rule of law. I strongly support law enforcement and all of our first responders. I believe everyone deserves a fair trial and that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But once guilt is proven, criminals deserve to do time, and if sentenced to death, then they must be put to death. The victims of their heinous crimes deserve our support as do all of our law-abiding citizens. It is time to stop giving more protection to the criminals than to our law abiding, tax paying citizens. We need to invest in law enforcement and give them the tools they need to keep communities safe. Violent crime is on the rise in California, largely because of soft-on-crime, criminals-first policies coming out of Sacramento. We must rollback the policies turning California into a criminals paradise.

The Homelessness Epidemic

As an Angeleno, I see people living on the streets all over every day. It has reached epidemic proportions. Small businesses too are being affected by this human tragedy, as tents are being pitched right outside the businesses’ front doors. And the continuous threat of the spread of medieval diseases is again upon us.

The millions of dollars being thrown at the problem by the “professional” politicians for the purported purpose of creating extra housing is not the answer. Step one needs to be to do a deep dive into the severe mental illness that underlies much of the epidemic. Most of the homeless in Los Angeles would not be able to live (without serious care) in the housing supposedly being built even if it existed. If you don’t believe me, take a walk sometime through Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles.

I want to work with the experts in and out of government, from around the world. Our country’s decimated mental illness treatment system has to be rebuilt from the ground up. Long term facilities must be built, and we need the ability to again involuntarily commit for treatment and care for as long as needed those who have no ability to care for themselves.

These same problems underlie the horrible mass shootings we have witnessed. If you know someone who is clearly severely mentally ill and a danger to themselves and others, there is nowhere presently for you to turn. At best, the person gets held for up to 72 hours and is back on the streets. One of the parents of the Parkland shooter’s victims said as much: everyone knew how evil, crazy and dangerous the shooter was, long before he killed so many beautiful kids. But no one could do anything about it. There was nowhere to turn. It is time to create the facilities in which to commit such severely mentally ill people. And they too would be safer, and our communities would be far safer as a result of what I am proposing. For starters however, we need a Congressman who cares about these issues. I care deeply about them. My opponent has done nothing about these problems in his 20+ years in office.

Ridding Our Kids’ Classrooms of Social Justice Warriors

Throughout our District and our nation, social justice warriors are infiltrating our schools, being paid millions of dollars by far left school board members, to indoctrinate our children.

I am presently leading an important fight against the Santa Barbara Unified School District to help rid that district of the outrageous indoctrination going on up there that far left school board members and their Superintendent are forcing upon the student population, in most instances without parental knowledge. I have received calls from parents all over the nation who have told me about similar things happening in their public schools. Once in Congress, I plan to take this fight to school districts here and around the nation. School again must be a place where our children can learn to think critically – and not be told how they should and must think – and to get a solid education that will be a basis for a sound future. Our public schools must not be breeding grounds where our kids are taught hatred for our great country and the history of our nation.

Securing the Border

“A nation that cannot control its borders is not a nation,” said President Ronald Reagan. I could not agree more. I am the child of two legal immigrants to America. I like every conservative I know, strongly supports legal immigration. However, because of our porous borders, illegal immigration has been allowed to continue largely unabated. My opponent never opens his mouth about the subject and never takes to task those in his party who openly support open borders. Thus, he at a minimum, tacitly supports the same open borders. Tremendous strains have been placed on our nation’s resources and our society and the unabated flood of illegal immigration is a smack in the face of the hundreds of thousands of our citizens-in-waiting, who have sacrificed and gone to great lengths to become Americans the legal way. We must fix our broken immigration system, but any fix must begin with securing our borders.

If we cannot control the flow of people coming here illegally just to live, how do we expect to stop anyone who wants to sneak over our borders to cause America harm. Illegal immigration in California alone is costing our state more than $20 billion per year, while so many of our citizens struggle financially and so many public services are broken down for lack of money. Now California has decided to pay for medical benefits for illegal immigrants, and the Sanctuary State law is being used to protect illegal immigrants who not only came here illegally, but who have committed felonies since they got here. The law is not being used to protect the 2 million people here illegally but who have not subsequently committed crimes. That is why I call the law, The Illegal Immigrant Felon Protection Act. No state and no country should protect such people. State and local law enforcement must be allowed to immediately turn such criminals over to ICE.

Putting American Citizens First

Earlier this year, California became the first state to offer free healthcare to immigrants living here illegally. Our state is financially bankrupt, with billions in pension liability. Many of our citizens are hurting here in the District and around the state. In a state with the highest income inequality, the highest cost of living and a failing education system, it is unconscionable that our citizens are not only given fewer benefits than non-citizens, but they are also expected to pick up the tab. Noncitizens deserve ethical and humane treatment, and we need to fix our broken immigration system, but non-citizens do not deserve special treatment solely because they decided federal law didn’t apply to them and came to this country illegally. We need to make sure the needs of our citizens are met before we take responsibility for the problems of the citizens of other countries living here illegally.


Our District’s and our nation’s infrastructure is beginning to crumble. Roads, bridges, highways, waterways, the electrical grid, dams, etc., etc. need major overhaul and repairs. We can no longer sit back and keep our fingers crossed that these major arteries of our nation won’t collapse.

Foreign Policy

Very few things make me more upset than seeing leaders appease evil. Anyone with a sense of world history knows exactly where that leads. Thankfully President Trump is not an appeaser. His predecessor manifestly was, kissing up to evil wherever and whenever he could. Our nation must be ever vigilant, remain strong, and stop the Democrat policies of appeasing and kicking the can forever down the road until disaster strikes.

The Big Tent

I support every law-abiding American citizen of every race, creed, color, religion and sexual orientation. I will fight for all of you like I have been fighting for my law firm’s clients for over twenty years.