Schiff opponent thanks him for impeachment in new campaign ad

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Republican congressional candidate Eric Early slams Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff as a 'national disgrace' for leading the impeachment 'sham' and abandoning his California district.

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Host: A Californian Republican is vying to win Adam Schiff's seat in the House in Washington and he has a clear message for the Californian Congressman after watching Schiff's failed attempt to impeach President Trump.

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Host: Well that last person you see right there is actually Congressional candidate, Eric Early. He joins us out in LA where it's very early on this Monday morning. Eric, good morning to you.

Early: Good morning Steve.

Host: Where did you get the idea: Hey let's thank Adam Schiff for bringing up the whole impeachment thing.

Early: Well you know Schiff is a national disgrace. I'm working with a great creative team who put together that commercial with me. I give them the credit with coming up with the idea but I agree with them totally. Schiff managed to not only help get our President re-elected, he has helped increase the President's approval ratings to the highest point of his presidency. But, at the same time, Schiff helped basically destroy Joe Biden's chances because the whole impeachment sham—the whole underlying story is Joe Biden's son's tremendous corruption. So Schiff deserves credit for that. Schiff walks around like he's this genius. He acts like he's smarter than all of us. At the end of the day, he is a clown and he showed his true colors through this impeachment sham and before that, the Russia hoax.

Host: Ultimately, if you are challenging Adam Schiff, it comes down to whether or not the people in your district regard Adam Schiff and his impeachment push as having backfired. Do they?

Early: I talk to people around the district. I'm speaking continuously to audiences and people throughout the district, but for the farthest left, support me and agree Adam Schiff has wasted all of our time. He has done nothing for our district. In fact, he has abandoned our district for 20 years. Schiff made all these promises to his supporters and he came up with nothing. The conservatives all support me and knew from day one that Schiff was a liar. But even on the other side where I have to break apart a bunch of moderate Democrats, they realize that Schiff was given them a bad bill of goods now for 2 years as well.