ICYMI Eric Was On Fox News

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Eric Early spoke on Fox News with Stuart Varney about the uphill struggle with taking the fight to Adam Schiff in the Congressional race in California's 28th District. Eric Early added that he wants to "touch him up a bit" for Schiff's outrageous behavior, doing nothing for the district and lying about the President. Early feels confident that he will fight a good race in California as he is getting donations from around the country.

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Varney: We have a guest. He's a Republican. He's in California and he is challenging Adam Schiff. Congressman Schiff, the Democrat, who is leading and spearheading the impeachment push. Eric Early is with us. Mr. Early, welcome to the program. It's good to see you. But you know I gotta point this one out: Adam Schiff won his election in 2018. He got 80% of the votes. You got a real uphill struggle coming here and I suspect you're doing this because you want to have a go at Adam Schiff. Am I right?

Early: Well we you're right on both counts. We have a tough uphill struggle and I definitely want to go after this guy, Schiff. I want to touch him up a bit as Shaquille O'Neal likes to say about certain ball players. It's time for Schiff to be touched up and you know Schiff's behavior over the last few years—people, even the moderate Democrats in my district, are starting to get the joke
about this guy. He hasn't done anything for the district in 20-plus years. He's virtually completely ignored our district and he spent his time lying to try and destroy a duly elected president for three years now. So, you know, people are getting pissed off here just like they're getting pissed off around the country. Let us vote for who we want to be President and let us vote for who we
don't want to be President but don't try to destroy a President based on pretext innuendo, lies and delusions and these are all the things that Schiff brings to the table. So we're gonna fight a good race out here and another way that's helping us tremendously Stuart is that we're getting small donations from around the country from people who just despised this guy Schiff and and, as many of your viewers know, it takes money to beat this guy. This guy's been saving up millions for years and you know it's beautiful these people are going to and they're sending me donations. And we're gonna take the battle to him and I'm speaking all over the state and we're getting tremendous reactions.

Varney: Alright Mr. Early. Thanks very much for being on the show. I'll conclude by saying you've got an uphill struggle but
it's a struggle worth doing Eric thank you sir appreciate it. I have to tell our audience so full disclosure: we did indeed reach out to Adam Schiff to come on the show he has not responded.