Eric Early for Congress Releases First Ad, Hitting Schiff On LA Homelessness

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The Video, 'Welcome To Schiff's Los Angeles', Shows Early In The Street Engaging With Homelessness First  Hand While Schiff Is Nowhere To Be Found

LOS ANGELES – November 19 – Eric Early for Congress launched a hard-hitting video today highlighting Adam Schiff's record of failure in Congress.

The powerful video opens with Early on a tour of homeless encampments throughout Los Angeles, connecting with the human suffering, the drug addiction, the crime, the broken families. "Welcome to Schiff's Los Angeles," Early says.

"I see people driving around here with blinders on," Early said. "Well, I don't have blinders on. Look at the way they're living; they're suffering. They need help."

Homelessness in Los Angeles County has been steadily increasing for years, jumping 12 percent last year alone. It's the second largest homeless population in the country behind only New York.

A recent poll showed 95 percent of LA voters cite homelessness as the county's biggest problem. The homelessness crisis highlights the need for the country's mental health treatment system to be rebuilt from the ground up--a central theme in Early's campaign platform.

Yet, Schiff can only be found on TV making political attacks against the President of the United States and ignoring the problems in his own district.

"Adam Schiff has been on a witch hunt for the last two years, spending tens of millions of dollars of taxpayer money," Early said of Schiff's made-for-TV impeachment proceedings. “Schiff abandoned our district long ago. It is time a Congressman to again work for our citizens, not someone like Schiff who vanished into the D.C. swamp years ago.”