Eric Early announces bid to take Adam Schiff’s congressional seat in Calif.

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Los Angeles attorney Eric Early spoke to One America's Patrick Hussion about his recent announcement to unseat Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff in California’s 28th District. In his announcement, Eric Early made the strong statement that Congressman Adam Schiff is a "national disgrace" and has done damage to America since becoming an elected official.

When asked by Hussion about why he is the candidate to beat Schiff, Early tells viewers that he has had a great career outside of politics and a wonderful family. He was also the first Republican AG candidate to receive a million votes in California with the party. Early says that Schiff has "set out on a course to destroy an American President," a President (Trump) who he supports.

Early adds that Schiff abused his office on the intelligence committee and that "he needs to be sent off packing to retirement." As a result, Eric Early emphasizes that this race for the Congressional seat in California's 28th District is going to be a fight, with gloves off.

When asked about how he would take on Schiff in the district that is not know for its conservative base, Early responded by saying that people are waiting for a strong voice to take on a guy that has "ignored the district." He adds that there are major issues, like homelessness, that are being ignored and neglected by Adam Schiff.