Congressional Candidate for CA 28th District, Eric Early

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Eric Early joins Graham Ledger on "The Daily Ledger" to discusses Michael Bloomberg, his campaign and policies. Early states that Bloomberg "wants to control all of our lives from soup to nuts" and that he doesn't want Bernie Sanders as a candidate either. They further discuss the fragmented Democratic party and potential malfeasance occurring within. Early emphasizes that Sanders is a Socialist and would drive the U.S. to run out of money.

They review a tweet from Barack Obama and his claim to have helped the economic recovery. Early explains how Trump has helped the economy and calls Obama's tweet a "joke".

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Ledger: Joining me now, from Southern California, is attorney and Republican Congressional candidate for California, District 28, which is the seat currently occupied by one, Adam Schiff, Eric Early. Eric, I want to talk about your race, but first, Bloomberg. It's interesting, but to me, he's the king of banning rights. Look what he's banning as mayor. He's banned human rights, gun rights. He wants to attack individuals by taxing them more, an attack on the rights of American citizens. He's talking about all kinds of taxes. A wealthy person tax, a Wall Street tax, redistribution of wealth. He also, by the way, eliminated Big Gulps, in the Big Apple. You could buy two 16 ounces but not a 32 ounce under his kind of leadership. This is the kind of person that Donald Trump could be facing if this trend continues. And the trend is very simple. Michael Bloomberg is pumping billions and billions of dollars to not only try and steal the Democratic nomination, but also the White House.

Early: Graham, thanks for having me again. Bloomberg wants to control all of our lives from soup to nuts. Us Republicans want government out of our lives. Bloomberg wants government in every step of our lives. Hopefully he doesn't get near that November election. He's certainly doing his best to try and buy his way in.

Ledger: You know, as a candidate for Congress, it's all about the money. This guy has virtually unlimited resources, even against a fellow billionaire, like Donald Trump.

Early: Yeah, it's very troubling to see somebody like Bloomberg spend and spend and spend and spend. It'll be interesting to see what happens when "Mini-Mike" is up there on the debate stage and hopefully he will not be standing on a box so people can really see his size. It's rather shocking actually. And another guy we can't have near the November election is this guy that I call "Breadline Bernie". I don't want a Socialist within a 100 miles of that November election.

Ledger: Yet the mainstream media is obsessed with a matchup between President Trump and Bernie Sanders. They're praying that Bernie Sanders is gonna be the nominee.