Congressional Candidate, Eric Early, on his Bid to Unseat Adam Schiff

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Eric Early spoke with Graham Ledger on "The Daily Ledger" about California cautiously considering re-opening the state. The talk about how business owners are going through a hard time and Early brings up some potential legal action around the closures. Additionally, Early condemns Adam Schiff for continuing to attack the President.

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Ledger: Joining me now from Southern California attorney and Republican congressional candidate for California district 28, Eric Early. Eric I posted a video on social media—caught my eye because I thought it was very symbolic of what is happening right now. It's a fairly simple concept. There's a lone jogger on
the beach—I believe in Southern California. Then the police officer or the security guard gives chase and
the jogger speeds up and says see you later I want my freedom. Very symbolic of what is happening to all Americans right now. The pushback is beginning to build are you feeling it in LA?

Early: Absolutely people want out Graham. I know business owners that are tottering want to get back to business and people who are losing their jobs all over the place want to get back to work. I think there should be a rolling opening. I think the President is going in that direction. I support the President in that way. It's gonna be interesting to see what happens because I like to think that the President's going to start this rolling opening May 1st. We have this Garcetti—he doesn't really seem to get what businesses are
going through and employees are going through and families are going through. He's at May 15th. It'll be
interesting to see what happens between those two dates.

Ledger: It's so hard to watch your friends and your neighbors suffer isn't it? you know whether it's a hair
salon or a restaurant or an automotive dealership. It's just it's desolate. People are getting harmed real
time and I wonder if people are gonna be able to recover and you know there is some legal pushback as well and we're seeing that and I think that's a good healthy thing. I think that the United States Constitution should win out in a situation like this and by the way the Supremacy Clause should win out in a situation like this. That's what the President is trying to say

Early: People are all going through a hard time throughout—around the country and of course we want people to be healthy—get past this thing. But at the same time thank God the numbers are not nearly as
high as the so called medical experts said they would be. So now we're starting to see the legal action. It started this past weekend where people were not allowed to go to to pray and to worship on Easter and there were some just ridiculously draconian things preventing that. sSo there's lawsuits starting to build
from that. We have to start doing things. For example, this guy Garcetti—unfortunately in our state it's
run by you know Newsom Garcetti—throwing my opponent Schiff who is just a pathetic case altogether. These are guys grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths. They went straight to the best schools. They came out. They went right into politics. They have no clue about business no clue about people living week to week. They're making our decisions and, for example, a guy like Garcetti I know he's not doing what he should be doing. For example, he should be meeting with the a group of restaurant owners. They're suffering so much and let the restaurant owners propose for example a way they can open restaurants still living with social distancing.

Ledger: We the people do it right. Maybe we don't want to set a table apart from people but let freedom ring. Real quick, you mentioned Adam Schiff your opponent in the 28th district he's not exactly in hibernation right now. He's trying to investigate the President of the United States which—I begin to laugh of course—because we know what he was doing in January when the Wuhan coronavirus was making its way over to the United States, he was trying to impeach the president United States.

Early: You know the man is demented and he is in hibernation. He's in hiding somewhere under a rock somewhere he's probably thousands of miles away from our district. He's sitting there in his in under his
rock preparing to go after the president again. He's not doing anything whatsoever for our district. He abandoned the district years ago and and you know it's time for him to show that he cares about the district or to move on. But this Trump derangement syndrome—I don't believe our country or the majority of our countries gonna put up with his lies anymore. The only reason this guy even goes forward is because the mainstream media just loves being lied to.

Ledger: He abdicated his duty on the Intel committee. He should have been following what was going on yeah in Wuhan China at the time that he was on the well of the United States Senate trying to remove the President.

Early: He had all that information. He knew about the virus. He said nothing for those three days. He's complicit. This committee he wants to start. He should investigate himself first for violating his duty to America. Guarding the henhouse.