Congressional Candidate Eric Early on Challenging Adam Schiff

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Republican Congressional Candidate Eric Early from California's 28th District challenged Adam Schiff on OANN's "The Daily Ledger" with Graham Ledger. They discussed the impeachment inquiry and the process behind it. Eric Early described Congressman Adam Schiff's process as a "Stalinist process" and that "this process is totally corrupt."

Ledger and Early reacted to Schiff's questioning of the Republican members not wanting the witnesses to come forward. Early stated the Schiff has ruined the process and that mainstream media has fueled "every outrageous thing that he says."

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Ledger: Joining me now from Southern California attorney and Congressional candidate for California District 28 which is the seat currently occupied by Adam Schiff, Eric Early. Eric, so we had the John Bolton aide not show up for testimony today and not surprised and I think there's anything wrong with this. Why? Number one: because the process is being trampled upon by the Democrats in the House of
Representatives and number two: we have this pesky thing called the separation of powers.

Early: Yeah you know this this entire process is a corrupt process. I'm running against Schiff to replace him. If he doesn't get removed from the Congress beforehand—which would really be a perfect thing—but you know you mentioned a little bit earlier this guy's running a Stalinist process in a proper legal proceeding there would be other lawyers there representing the Trump side. Because what happens now is Schiff asked questions of these people, he can lead them into answers that they might not want to say or might not be completely accurate. He stops the questioning before there can be any kind of information that would just bury Schiff's case and there's no opposing lawyer there to get up there and question the witness, rehabilitate him, ask him questions that Schiff was is too afraid to ask them. Because he doesn't want to hear answers. You know I've been an attorney for almost 30 years and this whole process is just corrupt.

Ledger: I would throw in one more thing Eric and that is it would be nice for the American people to be able to see this process as well yeah there's a legal side to it but then there's also this thing called the First Amendment. So he's running this secret Star Chamber investigation and he says he's wondering why the Republicans are so upset. Roll tape.

Schiff on clip:

I can understand why the president doesn't want these witnesses to come forward. What I find harder to understand is why the Republican members of this body in this House don't want these witnesses to come forward. Where is their duty to this institution? Where is their duty to the Constitution?

Ledger: Amazing! Duty to the Constitution. Duty to the House of Representatives. We know there's Congressional precedents in the impeachment process. The Republicans don't mind these witnesses
coming forward. They just want the President's attorneys to be able to talk to them like they did in 1998 under Bill Clinton and the impeachment process there. They want to be able to call witnesses on their own.

Early: You know I am so tired of this guy Schiff acting like he's morally superior when he is morally bankrupt. You know he has taken his position as the head of the House Intelligence Committee. He has totally politicized it. He has changed the meaning and and the protections and everything that this once August and great you know committee would do to the point where people who have confidential information won't go to the guy because they're afraid he will leak it. So for him to get up there and start acting and saying Republicans how could they not allow this and this guy Schiff is just bad news and the only thing that keeps him going of course is the mainstream media which fuels every outrageous thing he

Ledger: Mainstream media is protecting Adam Schiff

Early: Oh yeah.

Ledger: Why isn't the mainstream media screaming First Amendment? Allow us into the committee so we can report. It's unbelievable. If the table's were turned the Republicans were doing this, the mainstream media would be wall-to-wall screaming at Adam Schiff, but they're not. And so impeachment—this process—is not a criminal process—it does deserve due process it's not a criminal process but if we go Eric back to 1998 and the resolution on the Clinton impeachment. "subpoenas and interrogatories so authorized may be issued over the signature of the chairman and ranking minority member and may be served by any person designated by the Chairman or the ranking minority"

Early: Right.

Ledger: So here we go. There is congressional precedents for what is going on here and I would add that all of this in 1998 was not done under the cloak of secrecy in the Intel committee. It was done in the Judiciary
Committee out in the open.

Early: Right. It was a fair process and oh by the way Clinton was proven to have broken the law. He lied under oath. President Trump hasn't broken any laws whatsoever but at least that process was fair and open because if you're going to try and replace our President you better give us a fair and open process. Listen most of the American people are figuring this guy Schiff out—most of them have figured him out for a while. We can't forget that this is on the heels of that two years of Lies by Adam Schiff about how he had evidence that the President—you know—colluded with Russia—which was ridiculous. Schiff never says the word Russia anymore. He's, I believe, clearly orchestrated this whistleblower nonsense and this is going
to blow up on him as well.

Ledger: You need money to beat him. is the website correct?

Early: Yeah you know I get so many great donations from your viewers around the country E-R-I-C-E-A-R-L-Y DOT COM and they could put messages on their donations and I read every one of them and they inspire me to keep going against this viper.