CA GOP candidate Eric Early says Adam Schiff is a ‘national disgrace’

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Los Angeles Attorney Eric Early speaks to OAN’s Patrick Hussion about Democrat efforts to impeach President Trump and his attempt to unseat Democrat Congressman Adam Schiff in California’s 28th District. During the segment, Early agreed with President Trump that Adam Schiff is a "low-life". Early added that Schiff is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors for the lies surrounding the impeachment. According to Early, President Donald Trump "did nothing wrong" and Adam Schiff is trampling on the President's constitutional rights. Moreover, Early explained how Schiff covered up the Biden and Clinton corruption for years.

Eric Early talked about how Adam Schiff's actions have been helping his campaign because people from OANN and around the nation are getting angry and sending donations to help him unseat Schiff.

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Hussion: Speaking of Adam Schiff, [President Trump] says all of this adds up to treason do you agree with the president? is what
Adam Schiff is up to—is that treason?

Eric: Listen, the President said today in a tweet that Adam Schiff is a low-life. Adam Schiff is a lowlife. He's been called a liar and a leaker a million times. He's a liar and a leaker. You know—[regarding] treason. I'm a lawyer so when you look at the elements of treason, those are issues I'd want to look at closer. But Adam Schiff is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors which is what it takes to be impeached and the President is not and somebody in Congress needs to start looking at Adam Schiff about impeachment because what he's doing with his lying, his manipulation, the likely involvement in orchestrating this latest whistleblower thing. What all of us have lived through for the last few years with that Russia insanity. Schiff has to be looked at for committing high crimes and misdemeanors against our country.

Hussion: How do you feel the President's Constitutional rights are being trampled on as Giuliani said?

Early: Well, they are being trampled on because Donald Trump did nothing wrong with this call to the Ukraine president. Everything he did was right and instead what we have is we have the Adam Schiff's of the world creating pretext based on delusions, lies, manipulation of stories and so the President's Constitutional rights and he had a Constitutional right to make that call among many other things are being trampled on. My opponent, this guy Schiff, is involved in some of the greatest cover-ups of our country's history. You know he does all this stuff along with Pelosi and they're all fueled by the mainstream media because without the mainstream media the world be laughing—all—every side the world be laughing Adam Schiff. Now, I know a lot are already laughing at him but all of this is to cover up the Biden, the corruption. Before it was to cover up Hillary Clinton's corruption; she was searching through Ukraine from information to use against Donald Trump and all of it at the end of day is to cover up the Obama administration's knowing use of the most secretive and intense and intrusive intelligence information tactics this country has to investigate the Trump campaign which makes Watergate look like peanuts and this guy Schiff is all about covering all of that up along with his his handlers in his party and his his sycophants in the mainstream media.

Hussion: Well, let's get your campaign because everything you just said watching all of that from afar, how does all of this that
you're seeing affect your campaign. Does it does it amp anything up with regards to what you're capable of doing.

Early: That's a great question Patrick as much as I can't stand seeing what Schiff is doing with the President (and I can't stand it because President Trump is doing great things for our country and this is just preventing him from continuing to do great things) this has been helping my campaign because I hear from viewers of One American News and from people all around the country who are sending donations to my campaign and they send me messages with these donations to People are pissed off. We're getting pissed off out there. You know the 62 million of us who voted for President Trump, we're done with what we're seeing here. We live through this Russia thing. Now we have to live through this. They're trying to steal our vote. They're trying
to kick out of power a person who we duly elected and so that anger and that frustration is coming through and actually helping me in my campaign. This, like Russia, is going to backfire on Schiff and will only help me.