CA Congressional District 28 Candidate Eric Early on his Campaign

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California Congressional District 28 Candidate Eric Early spoke with Graham Ledger on One America News Network about his campaign. Early began the conversation talking about the Kate Steinle case, where the minimal conviction could be overturned. He added that the Sanctuary State law, which he calls "The Illegal Immigrant Felon Protection Act", is a term created by Democrats and the media. "California does need to be held accountable", says Early because Democrats care more for illegal immigrants than U.S. citizens. Because of this and other problems California is facing, Early believes that the tide will turn and California will start to vote Republican.

Eric Early also talked about stepping to Adam Schiff, who currently holds the Congressional seat in CA-28. Early added that Schiff is perpetuating the Russian collusion scandal by calling him "a liar," "a leaker" and "a national disgrace." Also, Early emphasized that Schiff has done nothing for the state of California through his time in office.

Here is an excerpted transcript of the interview:

Ledger: Joining me now from Southern California attorney and congressional candidate for California district 28 Eric Early. Eric, California, this is putting it mildly, is in critical condition and we point out on this program why the rest of the nation why the other 49 states should care about California because often if California sneezes, the rest of the country gets a cold. What we're seeing in this case with Kate Steinle, unfortunately, is the reality of the legal system. You're an attorney. The legal system in California—it's
upside-down. It's not where it should be.

Early: You know, Graham, this is the latest travesty we've seen out here. Listen—anybody who has common sense knows that this guy killed and murdered Kate Steinle. The fact that this could be overturned (his even minimal conviction) could be overturned is the latest outrage and of course it started with the sanctuary state law, which I call the illegal immigrant felon Protection Act. The term sanctuary
state is just one of the Democrats' and the mainstream media's total misnomers. This fellow had committed crimes and felonies in California before he killed Kate Steinle and state and local law enforcement were prevented by the sanctuary state law from turning him
over to ICE. If ICE had had him, they would have thrown him out of the country.

Ledger: From a constitutional perspective, a sanctuary state is attempting to and and getting away with, at this point, in California, nullifying the United States Constitution. Now if I remember right—in my history of the United States history we fought a war—the most bloody war in this country's history over States attempting to nullify the Constitution. At some point, doesn't California have to be held

Early: California does need to be held accountable. You know what we have out here is we have this ruling cabal of Democrats who care more for illegal immigrants than they care for our citizens. The laws that they're passing out here are just ridiculous. You've got this governor who wants to give free health care to all illegal aliens. They have this sanctuary state nonsense. They are doing everything they can to encourage the ongoing influx of illegal immigrants. Our state is financially bankrupt. I do believe the sanctuary state law is unconstitutional and eventually I believe the worm is going to turn out here. I believe they're gonna finally overstep their hands—one
step, one time too many and more and more people will start voting conservative—voting Republican again out here in California and that's a big fight as you well know.

Ledger: Yes and the Democrats in Congress give cover to the radical politicians in California. The guy that you're running against is about as radical as they get. Yeah Adam Schiff and he's hated apparently outside of his district but in his district he keeps getting reelected. But his Liberty score if you go on a conservative review, F across-the-board (budget environment, free markets, it's F-F-F-F-F-F) He doesn't care about Kate Steinle. He cares more about perpetuating this Russian collusion myth.

Early: Listen, you know, Graham, he deserves all of those F's. If you could get lower scores than F he  would deserve that too. He supports all these outrageous policies out here in California and this Democrat cabal. Of course, you know, Adam Schiff is a liar, he's a leaker, he's a national disgrace and we need to send him into permanent political retirement and that's why I'm running. You know I stepped up I didn't see anybody else good step up for this position and I'm taking him on and, as you said, this district is very plus percentage-wise Democrat but

Ledger: Democrat plus twenty-three right that's that ain't easy air

Early: Not easy but you know I'm getting tremendous support, primarily from around the country from conservatives around the country who can't stand this guy and we're going to take the message to the local voters. Because while Schiff has been spending the last two years lying to the American people about Donald Trump. He's been in office for almost or a little over 20 years and when you look at what he's done for the district, he's done nothing. It's like a joke here. This is a man who just needs to get on camera and lie about Donald Trump so we're gonna be presenting to the citizens of our district what needs to be done and what this guy hasn't done. It starts with the homelessness crisis, which a lot of your viewers I'm sure have heard about and goes on from there.