For Immediate Release: ICYMI: San Jose Mercury News Criticizes Attorney General Becerra

December 5, 2017
CONTACT: Matt Cunningham

ICYMI: San Jose Mercury News Criticizes Attorney General Becerra 

For “Stooping To New Lows of Electoral Deception”

ICYMI: The San Jose Mercury News recently blasted California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for “stooping to new lows of electoral deception to try to stop [a ballot measure which would repeal the SB1 gas tax increase], and that’s just plain wrong.”

It’s worth noting the Mercury News opposes the gas tax repeal but rightly believes that California’s top law enforcement officer has a moral obligation “to be true, impartial” in “convey[ing] the measure’s chief purposes and points” to the voters. Becerra disregarded his duty and did the opposite. The Attorney General is responsible for drafting the short description on petitions for ballot initiatives, which voters read. As the Mercury News stated:

The issue is an initiative by Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, to repeal the increased tax and fees. He hopes to qualify it for the November 2018 election.

Becerra insisted that the title on the signature petitions make no mention of repealing “taxes and fees.” Instead, he directed that it say it would “repeal revenues” for road repair and transportation funding.

Seriously. “Repeal revenues.” Whatever that means.

Becerra’s obfuscation is a pathetic attempt to hide the truth and discourage voters from signing the petitions. That is essentially, what Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley concluded when Allen appealed the attorney general’s petition language.

The judge called Becerra’s title and summary “confusing, misleading, and likely to create prejudice against the proposed measure.” It “obscures the chief purpose of the initiative: repeal of the recently enacted taxes and fees.”

Attorney General candidate Eric Early opposes the gas tax hike – which some are estimating could amount to 60 cents a gallon — as yet another tax that will create tremendous hardship on already overburdened Californians. Early is a supporter of the effort to repeal the gas tax hike.

“The gas tax must be repealed, and Mr. Becerra’s misleading behavior has broad, dangerous implications that go beyond any one issue,” said Early. “If the state’s top law enforcement officer is willing to intentionally mislead the voters, to curry favor with the demands of his Democratic Party enablers, then we are brought one step closer to banana republic status.”

“Xavier Becerra has shown over and over he puts politics first, last and always,” said Early. “As Attorney General, I will enforce the law vigorously and fairly.”

Although the California Court of Appeal recently allowed Mr. Becerra’s misleading petition description to stand, the voters of California will be the ultimate victims of his doubletalk. As Early says, “Many voters will now proceed thinking that they are voting to fix roads – a noble cause — when in fact they will have been mislead by their own Attorney General into supporting a massive tax increase on every gallon of gas they buy — a tax they do not want — thanks to Mr. Becerra’s misleading description and apparent desire to continue taxing us into oblivion.”

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