Democrat Conspirators Trying To Rig California Attorney General Primary Election

May 31, 2018
CONTACT: Matt Cunningham

Democrat Conspirators Trying To Rig California Attorney General Primary Election

LOS ANGELES, CA – Attorney General candidate Eric Early issued the following statement in response to a complaint filed yesterday by a third party with the California Fair Political Practices Commission, alleging violations of Government Code § 81004 by Democrat Xavier Becerra’s campaign and other co-conspirators, intended to rig the primary election to create a favorable general election outcome for Mr. Becerra. The complaint can be found at this link:

“The allegations that Xavier Becerra and his co-conspirators are attempting to rig the primary election are deeply concerning,” said Early. “The irony is not lost that some of the same Democrats who viciously promulgated a false narrative that Russia tried to rig the 2016 general election for President Trump now appear to be engaged in their own effort to rig an American election by deceptively purchasing airtime in support of an opposing candidate that will be more easily defeated in the general election.”

“The actions of career politician Xavier Becerra clearly demonstrate his overt disdain for the voters and that he will do anything to give himself an unfair advantage in the electoral process. The ends justify the means attitude of partisan lifetime politicians like Becerra is precisely what’s wrong with American politics and why the overwhelming majority of Americans no longer trust government.”

“I am not a career politician and, in fact, I’m running for Attorney General to put professional swamp creatures like Xavier Becerra out of a job. It’s time to return the power in our state back over to the hardworking, law-abiding, taxpaying citizens who call it home. I’m running to fight for California’s citizens, not the political elite and the media that works overtime to keep them in office — for the nurse struggling to make ends meet, the farmer working 80 hours to provide for his family, the parents worried about the safety of their kids in school, the kids worried about their own school safety, our brave men and women of law enforcement and the millions of California citizens who well know that their present state government could care less about them—I’m running to give California’s citizens a voice again in Sacramento. California needs an Attorney General focused on equal justice for all, not just another career politician looking to skim four more years off the backs of the taxpayers. I need the vote of every Californian on June 5th for Attorney General.”

The Primary Election is June 5, 2018. Absentee ballots have already been sent in the mail. Support Eric Early for California Attorney General. It is time for a common sense Republican in Sacramento.



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